Are you a Domino genius?

Are you a Domino genius?

Are you a Domino genius? Now, you can download classic free board games on your smartphone or tablet! With dominoes, you can have hours of fun while staying mentally active.

How to play dominoes
The goal of a block-based game is to run out of fragmentation. To do this, you must place adjacent squares of the same value. The player who places all of these elements must add points from blocks that the opponent cannot allocate on the desktop. The player who reaches 100 points by the necessary number of rounds wins!

Game mode
Choose from two different modes: draw and block. Play with your favorite people!
– Classic: If one of the two players cannot place any dominoes, he/she must draw the required number of tiles out of the bone field
– Lockout: If one of the two players is unable to place any CARDS, he/she must turn as many times as necessary

Characteristics of the
– Multiple languages available
– Completely free
– For all ages: young and senior
– Exquisite design inspired by classic board games
– Multiple designs and appearances
– Modify the progress of elements in the game

About Domino68:
Domino68 is a mobile game development studio with a focus on easy adaptation and basic usability, which makes our games ideal for older people who only want to play occasionally without causing major complications.

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